Some Favorite Links

The 50th Annual R&D 100 Awards were presented November 1, 2012, and our team won an award for the development of a unique photovoltaic concentrator module known as SolarVolt®. Read about it in the links below:

R&D 100 Awards 2012

2012 R&D 100 Award Winners (Look under NASA Glenn Research Center)

Flexible Fresnel Lens Concentrates Light

NASA's "Success Story" on SolarVolt®:

Success Story

The 2012 NASA Exceptional Space Act Awards were just announced, and our team won an award for the development of the "600 Volt Stretched Lens Array for Solar Electric Propulsion." This unique high-power space array will save huge amounts of money for planned solar electric propulsion missions. Read about it in the link below:

2012 Exceptional Space Act Award

James Hansen's latest paper on "Climate Dice" shows why the terrible heat waves of recent years are directly related to global warming. The full paper is available for free download at the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences:

Perception of Climate Change

NASA's amazing new Curiosity Rover is exploring Mars! Here's a link to the NASA Curiosity web site:

Mars Science Laboratory