About Us

MarkI'm an engineer (B.S., Notre Dame) with many decades of successful experience in solar energy technology. (Not bad for a 35-year-old guy!)

I've authored or co-authored about 200 technical publications (click on link for Publications to see some), including U.S. Patents on 22 inventions with more patent applications currently pending (click on link for Patents to see them). My specialties are solar optics, daylighting, and simulation of solar energy system performance, either down here on the ground or up in space.

I've proposed, won, and managed many significant contracts funded by DOE, NASA, Sandia Labs, NREL, MDA, utility companies, aerospace companies, and others.

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Our Business

About 10 years ago, I established Mark O'Neill, LLC, as a new company with a goal of developing new products and performing consulting work for a limited number of clients.